Frequently asked questions

How do I buy Wicked Hammer Products?

Our products are currently only available at select convenience store locations. Soon enough they will be for sale online!

Why does it say the products are "Out of Stock"?

Until we are fully set up for oneline sales this will be the status. Currently we only sell wholesale to distributors; but, this status will change as soon as we are ready!

Are your products made in the USA?

Yes, while the products are made in the USA, some of the ingredients are sourced abroad as they are not all indigineous to North America.

What happened to Wicked Hammer Energy Drink?

Our energy drink was wildly popular in many regions accross the USA but due to manufacturing/logistical complications we decided to part ways with the beverage. It may "come back" someday, but for now it will remain a highlight in the life of Wicked Hammer.